Classic Series Pour Over Coffee Maker 27 oz 5-6 cup Brewer Strong Borosilicate Glass Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker



Size:800 ML

Love me,Love the coffee.
✅1.Feel the Difference:She is not an automatic machine. The water temperature, flow rate, weight and time are all controlled by you. The taste of the bubble changes with your mood. If you are a beginner or a newcomer, the drip coffee maker is a good choice for you.You can make a flavorous cup of coffee with your coffee beans, paper filters and coffee maker.
✅2.Not Only For Beauty:This coffee maker is equipped with a beautiful wooden handle,and on the waist of the kettle, the leather belt firmly fixed two smooth pieces of wood on the pot.
✅3.Simple & Fast:There is one and only one ‘Air Channel’, this is to make the coffee purer and more mellow. When the soaked filter paper is firmly adhered to the bottle wall, it prevents the outside air from entering the inside, and the residual air of the coffee powder can slip out from here. Finally, only the aroma of coffee is left at the bottom of the pot.The delicate designed spout shape makes the coffee flatten out over the wall as it is beginning to be poured and it pours out in a sort of thin sheet of liquid.
✅4.Item: Pour Over Coffee Maker/Coffee Pots
Size: 600ml, 800ml
Glass Material: Borosilicate glass
Package Include: 1 x pour over glass carafe

Step 1.Put coarse ground coffee into filter(You need to buy extra filter, Emonia product does not contain the filter).
Step 2.Slowly pour the hot boiling water into the filter.
Step 3.Watch as the coffee slowly drip into the carafe.After a few minutes, remove the filter, pour and enjoy your coffee.


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