Fullcci-15oz porcelain creative black constellation mug+lid+gold spoon+coaster




Process Description

1.Porcelain products are often burnt due to process problems and high temperature. Occasionally, there are color unevenness, black and white small spots of impurities, fine bumps and other phenomena, which are normal phenomena, please understand.

2.The product size is measured by hand,If there is a slight error, it is normal.

Usage Notice

1. Porcelain is fragile. When using or storing, do not force it to collide with other objects and fall to the ground. Sharp scraping will inevitably leave marks and affect the appearance.

2. When the mug mat is received for the first time, the product may still have a small amount of odor (Mind please be cautious to buy). Please use detergent or hot water before use. The raw material of this product is food grade silica gel, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. safe to use.

3. In order to maintain the appearance of the product, do not put the product in the dishwasher and microwave oven. Do not place this product directly on an open flame to avoid damage or deformation.

If the product is damaged, please send us an email with a photo and we will arrange for you to reissue it.


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